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Languages: French (official and the language of commerce), Ewe and Mina (the two major African languages in the south), Kabye (sometimes spelled Kabiye) and Dagomba (the two major African languages in the north).

Literacy: male: 75.4%, female: 46.9% Natural resources: Phosphates (main source of foreign exchange), limestone, marble, arable land.

The German occupation has been ended by a joint Anglo-French force early in World War I. But only in 2007, after years of military rule and political unrest, Togo held its first relatively free and fair legislative elections.

Related countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom Official Name: République Togolaise short form: Togo int'l long form: Republic of Togo int'l short form: Togo formerly: French Togoland ISO Country Code: tg, tgo Time: Local Time = UTC No UTC/GMT offset Actual Time: Country Calling Code: 228 Capital City: Lomé Other Cities: Atakpamé, Kpalimé, Sokodé, Kara.

Google Earth Lomé Searchable map and satellite view of Togo's capital city.

Political Map of Africa The 54 countries of Africa. République Togolaise "Official" Togo news in English.

(in French) Jeune Chambre Internationale - JCI Lome Prestige Organisation for young entrepreneurship in Togo (in French).

Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie du Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo (in French) Office national togolais du tourisme The National Togolese Office of Tourism, with country guide and information (in French and English).

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Mon Voyage au Benin et au Togo Private site about travelling Benin and Togo with photos (in French).

Diplomatic Missions of Togo List of Diplomatic Missions of Togo Abroad.

Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Togo List of Foreign Consulates and Embassies in Lomé, Togo. Map of Togo Political map of Togo and surrounding countries with international borders, region boundaries, region capitals, major cities and towns, main roads, railroads and airports.

Union des Forces de Changement with news on Togo (in French).

Africatime with news and information on Togo (in French).

Agriculture products: Coffee, cocoa, cotton, yams, cassava (tapioca), corn, beans, rice, millet, sorghum; livestock; fish.

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