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” While I struggled to recall literally any word that I had ever learned—or even a I offered. Holding out her hand to me, she said, “C’mon, funny guy. There’s something I want to show you.” Yada, yada, yada—and the next morning I was late to my oceanography class.

Though prior to that night I was, technically speaking, a virgin, I wasn’t exactly a sexual neophyte.

But until that night I had always stopped short of …

knocking in a home run, because I wanted to get a girl pregnant like I wanted to get my badoinker slammed in a car door.

And I’m just for a smoke.” “Yes,” I said, semi-maniacally. That woman is already smokin’.” Upon arriving at Miss Usher’s home I found her porch in pitch darkness. “Come on in.” I secretly begged my yearning-to-be-free leg to allow me to walk at least semi-normally.

This doesn’t mean that such behavior is okay, for premarital sex is physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually destructive.

There is forgiveness and restoration for such sin, but it often comes with numerous long-lasting consequences.

A Right there on Miss Usher’s porch my right leg started shaking like it wanted to hop right off of me and go cavorting with the kangaroos in Australia. After taking a sip of her wine, Miss Usher said, “I’m so glad you came over tonight, John.” I think that’s what she said, anyway. I find that hard to believe.” Sticking out her bottom lip in a little empathy pout, she tilted her head a bit. ” I pressed down on my leg so hard to this day it’s a miracle I can walk.

The lipstick left behind on her glass had somehow made me a little deaf. I didn’t have any plans for tonight.” My voice sounded like one of those warbling wood saws. “Actually, I’m sort of between girlfriends at the moment.” This time I sounded like a kazoo. Gently biting the tip of her little finger between her front teeth, Miss Usher said, “Do you know why I called you over here tonight?

After the humiliating consequences of WW1, where Germany basically had its surrender terms changed on it at the last minute, was partially dismembered, saddled with heavy reparation obligations and then had a big chunk of itself occupied by the French for inability to pay those reparations (the French troops used to, among other things, horsewhip people in the street for disrespectful demeanors and violating curfews and such,) the Communist uprising, and then the runaway inflation, the Germans were quite upset.

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