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The only remnant of the old religions are in the Grishna cult that continues to follow Anzu, and that Terokk is still revered despite connections to Rukhmar.

The arakkoa continued their existence on Draenor for decades, though they suffered terribly during the Horde's first wars across Draenor.

In the past, a group known as the Ravenspeakers followed Ka'alu the Raven Mother, leader of all dread ravens and Anzu's consort.

The Dark Conclave worship the Summoned Old God, who is also worshiped by the Sethekk and their leader Talon King Ikiss (who thinks himself Terokk reborn).

He began to hate the world, abandoning Skettis and even sacrificing the lower castes of his own people to dark powers in search of a cure.

The arakkoa did not seem to know the reason for this abandonment and attributed it to them turning away from the worship of Rukhmar.

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However, as the years went on Terokk's health declined, grief tore at his heart, and Sethe's curse chewed at his mind.

The resulting grudge against the orc race encouraged an arakkoa, Grizzik, to serve as a tracker and guide for Danath Trollbane's forces during the Alliance's expedition to Draenor.

This arakkoa, seemingly alone, led Trollbane's soldiers to Auchindoun, and aided in the battle.

The Sethekk are also breakaways from Skettis, but for a different reason.

When Auchindoun exploded, an arakkoa named Ikiss believed that this signaled the arrival of the mysterious master of the arakkoa on their world, and with a group of followers set out for Auchindoun - where they set up in what became known as the Sethekk Halls.

Originally, the arakkoa worshipped the sun goddess Rukhmar, who created them.

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