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That day, police found Henriette dead in her parents’ kitchen, with multiple stab wounds to her neck.On Sunday, about a month after Henriette’s death, Israeli police charged her father, Sami Karra, with murder, Israeli media outlets reported.Since much of this violence takes place within families, some compare the deaths to “honor killings” in other Muslim countries, in which relatives will murder women for bringing dishonor to the family.Salaime pushes back against the term “honor killings,” saying these crimes are tied to domestic violence and drug abuse.

The relative then called her father, telling him Henriette’s intentions.

They allegedly beat and threatened her in an attempt to break up the relationship, prompting her to report the violence to police, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

Her boyfriend was in prison at the time but was scheduled to get out at the end of the week.

But they all had a problem with meeting Palestinian guys.

David: Strangely enough, it was the only place where we could meet legally.

Authorities allege Karra killed his daughter over his “vehement opposition” to her relationship with the young Muslim man and her intentions to convert to Islam for him, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing a criminal indictment.

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