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“These are not foolproof,” says Brooks, “but they are another line of defense.”Look out for scam dating sites, says Scruff’s Silverberg.

“If the domain redirects to different domain name, that’s a huge red flag.” He suggests that we pay attention to an app’s reviews in the Apple store.

I had his full name, home address, real age, and more.

With that data I’d turn to Google, where among other things I found a photo of one guy who had claimed to be single wearing a wedding band.

People let their guard down a little too early.” That would never happen to me. USA TODAY columnist Steven Petrow offers advice about living in the digital age. You can also follow Petrow on Twitter: @Steven Petrow.

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When I went to the police about filing an order of protection, I learned he’d made threats to others. With the Google Voice app, I can send and receive texts, listen to voicemails, and block numbers.

The officer told me to keep copies of his disturbing emails, block him on social media, and tell him firmly to leave me alone. I now give out that number instead of my real cell. The take-away: There’s no reason to give out a phone number before meeting. Remember conventional wisdom: Meet in a public place, let a friend know ahead where you’ll be, and plan to check in after.

I soon learned that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Conflicting political ideologies can be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome when getting to know someone new.

Taking this into consideration, online dating sites are stepping up their game and creating spaces where politically charged conversations won’t end on bad terms. Dating is a new free-to-access dating website from Friends Worldwide, Inc., a network of premium dating websites that represents “over 75 diverse dating communities.” However, “diverse” doesn’t exactly describe Trump. Stock images of middle-aged Caucasian couples donning MAGA hats represent the face of the dating community on the homepage. Dating only offers two options in which users can describe their sexual orientation: straight male or straight female.

“That was easy – you gave me your phone number,” he said nonchalantly as I told him to leave, which (fortunately) he did. More than 15% of all American adults have used a mobile dating app or site, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center study—nearly 40 million people—and one recent study found that at least half of them lie about themselves in their profiles (other research puts that percentage even higher).

That way I would have their cell number, which I know from my previous reporting can be used to find out just about anything about you.

Opt out of people search sites, recommends Reputation Defender’s Matta.

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