Dating in college vs dating post grad

Women wear flats on coffee dates and almost everywhere else (because cobblestone streets are hell on stilettos).

Unlike women in other major metropolitan areas, Boston chicks are typically more concerned with comfort and warmth than with fashion, so there better be a damn good reason to get dolled up.

Even though she is 19 and in college, she still lives at home, so her mom doesn’t let her leave the house at night.

Since I don’t get off work till after midnight, it makes trying to make plans with her almost impossible.

Well she took it way too serious and said I am NOT stupid. I think I said ‘Sorry’ more times in two weeks to this one person then I ever have.

As cliché as it is, her emotions really were like a roller coaster. Anyway, at one point she sent me a complimentary text, and being the smart ass I am (and also being very tired as I was going on no sleep that day) I responded with ‘And I like your boobs.’ She responded with: ‘My boobs? ’ She then proceeded to send me like three pictures of her boobs, one with clothes and two without.

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Our charm comes in the form of Nor’easters, questionable accents, and a veering-on-psychotic love of sports.

I began to realize that we were never going to meet in person.

Despite all the pictures, sex talk, etc, it seemed as though she never wanted to meet in person.

So I decided to kind of call her out on all of it: the one word responses, never meeting in real life’ and so forth. It seemed as she was ready to pick a fight as to have an excuse to end it with me.

The next day, she sent me a text that basically said ‘lose my number’ and I thought: “Then how will I know if it is you?

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