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The date of 1.8 million years, obtained by potassium-argon dating, was announced in 1961.1964 - announced as a new species after remains were discovered in Olduvai Gorge in 1960.It was renamed named as a new species after the discovery of a jaw in Mauer, Germany in 1907.This species was originally dismissed as being too apelike for human ancestry, particularly after the Piltdown Man find.This was confirmed in 1959 by carbon dating, which provided a date of about 600 years for the skull!1924 - Discovery of the ‘Taung skull’ in South Africa, classified as in 1925.At 4.4 million years old this species was the oldest of our ancestors found to date.

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The family tree was still in a linear shape, with this species at the base. Originally thought to be is a well-known but poorly defined species and scientific opinions about the attributed specimens vary widely.

In the 1960s it was grouped with other similar skulls and called archaic Homo sapiens, but today the preference is to use the original scientific name and to give this species an ancestral position on the human family tree. In a gravel-pit at Piltdown Common, Southern England, in 1912, amateur collector Charles Dawson ‘discovered’ what appeared to be the long-sought ‘missing link’ between apes and humans.

This fortuitous find – nine pieces of a large-brained human skull and an ape-like lower jaw with two teeth – was readily accepted by the British establishment due to their belief that a large brain was one of the first human features to evolve.

There is some debate about the validity of this species.

In 2003, scientist Tim White argued that the reconstructed skull of , after fossils were discovered in Kenya in 2000.

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