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Although inconsistent with later discoveries, ‘Piltdown Man’s’ authenticity remained virtually unchallenged for 41 years.

The early 1900s saw them as sub-humans, a stereotype that didn’t change until the 1950s when it was widely considered that they may be the ancestors of modern Europeans. These finds supported the idea that Neanderthals were an ancient and distinct type of human, but exactly how they fit into our family tree was still debated.The mandible was stained with potassium bichromate and the teeth had been filed down.Fluorine testing proved that the pieces of the skull were of different ages.1996 - announced as a new species after remains were found in Gran Dolina, Spain.These are the oldest humans (genus Homo) found in Western Europe (dated to 800,000 years old) and may be the ancestors of modern humans and the Neanderthals. 1999 - announced as a new species after the discovery of a skull in Kenya in 1999.

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