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They keep ranting every time you get together - then they are not over it].

Actually the best sign hes over it is he hardly talks about her all, unless its to do with kids if they have any She does NOT stay over, and does not show up unexpectedly or call at wierd hours unless its to do with kids if they have any...

So it goes back to are they emotionally over it rather than just their status and YES time is a big factor.

Though - I know some people who are so over each other in one month and people who have been divorced for 6 years and still arent over it.

When I was actively dating I did not mail any ladies who were clearly looking for husband material....I figured i'd be safer mailing ladies who had the same seperated status as me.

Even through this process I have felt discriminated against and that is fine really because I don't think these people would have made good friends anyways.

I have 4 more months before I can file and another 3-6 months after that before I get the final decree.

So I personally dont think its fair or reasonable to expect those people not to date or be date material for that amount of time.

Some folks might like to divorce tomorrow but they cant.

I am seperated for more than a year..physical contact for the last year, I live alone .kids are with her ...

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