Dating for cobat vets


Second, although physical requirements for military service ensured that SHI was not present in the exposed group before entering military service, the specific cause of subsequent hearing impairment was not determined.

Among military veterans, the most common service-connected disabilities are hearing impairments (2), suggesting that occupational noise exposure during military service might cause more veterans to have hearing loss than nonveterans.Female veterans, however, had a significantly lower prevalence of SHI than male veterans (4.0% versus 10.9%; p Small sample sizes limited the ability to compare subgroups for veterans who served after September 2001.In the multivariable analysis, increasing age was positively associated with SHI, as was working in certain occupational categories (Table 2) and unemployment or nonparticipation in the labor force, relative to working in management, business, and financial occupations.This assumption most likely resulted in underestimation of prevalence ratios.Persons with congenital deafness and hearing loss resulting from childhood infections or other nonservice-related causes were not excluded from the reference group.SHI was identified based on self or proxy report of being deaf or having "serious difficulty hearing" (4).

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