Dating cts pots

The Tremolux had tube rectifier, while the blackface Bandmaster had diode. The Tremolux speaker cabinet was 2×10″ and not 2×12″.

The Tremolux had smaller transformers (power and output) than the Bassman and Bandmaster.

The video clip demonstrates a blonde Tremolux, which is quite similar to the blackface.

The Tremolux is appreciated for its simple and basic circuit.

If you use Eb or open D tuning, your amp will growl like a bear.

5751, 12AY7 or 12AT7 as preamp tube – Less preamp gain.

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The blackface Tremolux and Bandmaster (AB763) are almost identical amps, just that the Tremolux is sized for smaller events and gigs.Jumping channels Jumping channels means that one splits the guitar signal in to both channels.This can be done by using effect pedals or simply use a jack cable between one channel’s 2’nd input and the other channels first input.One does not reach the sweet spot as early as with the Reverb-amps with an additional gain stage in the preamp section.The Tremolux uses only one 12ax7 tube in the preamp section in both channels before the signal enters the phase inverter.The two channels of the AA763 Tremolux channels are in phase and can be used together.

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