Dating creative person


Have you had relationships with artistic and/or non-artisic people?

and did you notice a difference in compatability between the two?

Almost everything I do shows it - from computer software/houses/cars/motorcycle it shows everywhere. they may paint or draw or do any of the acceptable 'artsy' sorts of things.however, some people create and express themselves outside the realm of 'art.' i have amazingly creative friends who are chefs, builders, landscapers and engineers.

their ability to push the limits of their chosen area makes them artists.i've worked with paints, poetry and choreography.

Non-artistic people: Have you had any experiences with dating, or relationships, with artistic people? I think that is a good question because I find that non-artist do not appreciate the things that I do. Having probably had a varying number of both I'd have to say that while the artistic minded girls that I've dated seemed to have a 'view' of the universe that is similar to my own and could 'get me' better, it isn't ALWAYS that way.

I think artistic people help challenge other artistic people to do better work. I also found that those without any creativity don't seem to have the imagination to be as interesting as I'd like.

I myself am artistic, I work in webdevelopment, do alot of photography and love art. I have no idea why I did not pursue some type of art/design/creative vocation. My first gf was an artist type but I’ve never been involved with another creative person since.

I look for people who also have these interests as its one of my passions, and think a new potential partner should share common interests. Anyone that really understands motorcycles/art could take one look at my motorcycle and understand just how creative I am. It could very well be that I would really mesh with another creative person.everyone has creativity in them.

I have read that sometimes to artists’ pair up and make a great team. It creates an awesome synergy which can be inspiring.Creative people are more likely to be independant thinkers, than non-creative people.Perhaps if they seem drawn to other creative people, it's because they're looking for other independant thinkers?Art exists everywhere even in the most pragmatic people and scenarios---as an artist myself I am looking for someone to appreciate my dramaqueenishness but also have a calm coolness to balance me out...But a talker who will think about things and talk to me and inspire me as an artist is vital and essential..negative side of my personality is to be 'fine' or all that that entails...(f--ed up, insecure, neurotic and emotional) and sometimes I think I scare people away with my intensity, and only another artist may be able to truly love and appreciate me for all that I am....Does an artist feel they'd be better understood, or their talents more appreciated by another artist?

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