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This is a New York and Los Angeles Times bestseller. AM train from New Haven to the Harlem Station - a taxi ride to the Cathedral of St.

In 1916, the Parish Hall was erected and served as a hospital for the Town of Branford during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. Through the Years Trinity’s purpose remains steadfast.You may also call the church office or For those who identify themselves as "spiritual but not religious," once you look around this website, you will see the many wonderful things that this congregation believes in, hopes for, and accomplishes.But words and images on a website cannot tell you what it feels like here or what you might experience.Each month, your donations of Dinty Moore Beef Stew, noodles, and canned green vegetables, help to feed over 80 people.Volunteers take a turn baking cake for dessert, or providing salad ingredients, or serving in the kitchen.Our resident photographer, Peter Otis, will take photos following the and AM services on the 11th, and only after the AM on the 25th).

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