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, you’ll join Robert on a new 7-week online adventure into healing and growing your life through Active Dreaming, imagination, and “deep” play, supported and protected by the Bear. that our dreams show us what’s going on inside our bodies and what we need to stay well.

You’ll dream journey to reclaim ancestral wisdom, call on the power of the animal spirits, and visit places of healing and transformation in the world-behind-the-world. And when we do become ill, our dreams give us fresh and powerful imagery for self-healing.

The Bear is the great medicine animal of North America.

In ancient Greece, girls danced in bearskins in honor of the goddess Artemis as “She-Bear” in their rites of passage into womanhood.

You’ll also learn to grow healing stories, and how to bring a dream to someone who needs a dream.

Prepare to unfurl your imagination, step up and face your fears, and reach for the furry paw of a guide that can bring you courage, strength, self-empowerment — and best of all — remind you how to play and feel the magic and joy of your inner child. Each weekly LIVE teaching session will build upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to use your dream images to co-create healing for yourself or dream for another in need of healing.

And he uses story as a teaching tool — one of the most enjoyable aspects of his teaching, according to his students. Until you meet the Bear, you will only be a doctor, not yet a healer.”At the time, the doctor had never heard of me.

A woman physician in Alaska dreamed that her two grandmothers, one Athapaskan Indian, the other Euro-American, paid her a visit in the same dream. But she made a search and immediately pulled up the details of a workshop I was leading in Oregon a few weeks later.

You’ll learn to honor your healing journeys through spontaneous ritual, art, storymaking, and story sharing.

You’ll play wonderful games that will delight your inner child, tone up your immune system, and make your soul clap its hands and sing.

On our first morning together, we journeyed together down into the Cave of the Bear to receive its gifts.

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