Dating archaeological finds


In the course of hundreds of years the Cathedral of St.

Sophia was a center of the clergical, political and cultural life of ancient Novgorod.

Anthony's Monastery, that have brought to us old fresco painting, carved iconostases, and the necropolis of the 17th - 18th centuries. George (Yuriev) Monastery, that was founded as early as in the 12th century by Prince Yaroslav the Wise, as a legend reads, one cannot help being amazed by the striking beauty of another masterpiece of ancient Russian architecture - the Cathedral of St.

George, built by a certain master mason Peter in 1119.

This provided favorable conditions to maintain the unity of Russian lands tending to be feudally divided, while the annexation of the Novgorod republic to the Moscow Principality at the end of the 15th century resulted in the united Russian State with Moscow as the capital.

You will see that with your own eyes visiting the churches of Our Saviour on Nereditsa Hill and Annunciation of Our Lady on Miachino Lake (12th century): appreciating at its true worth the 14th century frescoes of world-famous Theophanes the Greek in the church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour on Iliah Street; singularly graceful murals in the churches of the Nativity of Our Lady on Krasnoye Field, St.

Theodore Stratilates on the Brook, admiring the beautiful clergical wall calendar of the 15th - 17th centuries in the Church of St. You will, no doubt, be happy with a visit of the Kremlin of Novgorod - the oldest in Russia.

Simeon The Godreceiver: and studying wonderful mural compositions of the late 17th - early 18th centuries in The Virgin of The Sign Cathedral. This fortress was mentioned in chronicles as early as 1044.

As far back as in the 30-s of the 11th century, by the will of the great Prince Yaroslav The Wise, Novgorod saw the first school to train three hundred children at a time.

Medieval Novgorod was one of the greatest art centers of Europe.

There are may enchanting sights on the boat tour of Lake Ilmen and the Volkhov river: Peryn - the site of the pre-Christian heathen temple; visiting Lipno island with one of the few preserved architectural specimens of the 13th century - the Church of St. (Palace of Facets) You are always welcome at the expositions and exhibitions of one of the most ancient and richest museums of Russia - Novgorod State United Museum, that offers visitors a unique collection of historic, cultural and art relics. These are indicative of a unique and striking (for medieval times) level of literacy among ancient Russians and also of a highly organized system of state control.

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