Dating an entrepreneur

I know enough that, when we go out to dinner with his colleagues and they talk shop, I am not left out. I don’t like not being able to understand the locals. There would be times that I wouldn’t be able to help. There would be – and still are – things that I can’t fix.

I read his blog, I get to know his friends from work, I sneak into a session or two at the conferences where he speaks.

I literally could not be here than I presently am.” But I insist. Because if any of these things were missing, our relationship would be different. Here are the things I didn’t know when I started dating an entrepreneur.

I miss him right now, even though I just spent the last two weeks with him and he’s only gone to California for a few days. Always tugging at those damn heartstrings of mine when he leaves a room. There are times when he is hugging me close and I will say, “Come here.” And he’ll reply, “I’m here.

I miss you all the time.” It’s that simple, really. That’s not a requirement to be successful on the internet). They’ve told me everything from how I don’t deserve Rand (Well, duh, assholes.) to what a talentless moron I am (Meh. Run to say hi to someone, or get dragged into a conversation with a group. My only choice was to walk up to a group of strangers, introduce myself, and start talking. When I started traveling with Rand, we’d walk into a room filled with his colleagues, and he’d disappear.

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    During the date you will have to answer questions about the girl, give gifts, make compliments and take photos to have her happiness go up, wait with taking photos or she will find it awkward and don't give wrong answers to questions!

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    I think is my most significant, meaningful record, and it's also my least popular album. It would be great to continue being thought of in the same thought as guys who are on the radio, selling a shitload of records and downloads and stuff.