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Previously I had tried alternatives to dating agencies.

I called someone from a lonely hearts column once, and it was a disaster.

But none of my matches had nothing even remotely in common with me.

I'm bubbly and fun and people tell me I'm quite attractive and I look at people who've found love and think, "why have I been so unlucky? I've been to singles clubs that are a waste of time.Quite a few of them simply don't have enough people on their books, so they just send you a list of names, keep their fingers crossed and hope that you hit it off with whichever Tom, Dick or Harry they put you in contact with. I dearly hope that this will be the answer to my problems.I'm desperately sick of the singles scene and all I'm looking for is some good conversation and a bit of romance.See Upcoming Events Our Dating Agency in London is home to a select team of professional matchmakers and dating coaches featured in the press, radio and TV.We are here to help you find the right partner and build a successful long-term relationship.They're full of grotty men who are already drunk by the time you get there, and a lot of them are married.

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