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Second place was earned with his partner 'Mel B', but several other partnerships have each yielded beautiful and stunning dancing as well.If you haven't yet seen Maksim Chmerkovskiy dance (or you need to see his impressive styling again), the following videos offer some highlights: Many dances from Maks have made a huge splash on the Internet, both in videos being watched, as well as discussion forums raging with compliments for him and his dancing.Also, Victor Fung, Anna Mikhed, Urs Geisenhainer, and Agnes Kazmierczak are briefly seen dancing in the background.

In 1996, Maksim and Sasha opened a youth-oriented dance studio in New Jersey, and Valentin was one of the students.

After the show, Meryl and Charlie White both had to leave quickly (they're headlining Stars on Ice in Orlando this weekend), so I got Maks all to myself to ask him the question that has been on my mind since week one. I just want it on the record that most people don't know who I am. "Maks: "She's brilliant, and I tell her, ' We have to stay in character.' The first time we [practiced this dance], I'm a guy and she's a girl. We had that moment with Erin in the freestyle, but she only let me that close on that week. That's not for public knowledge, but she's definitely an amazing person."So, there you go.

Glamour: "OK, I'm just going to come right out and say it. If you're watching me on TV for two hours, I may not like that person either. For Meryl and I, we both know exactly what we are."Glamour: "And what is that? I'll have to wait till next week to talk to Meryl and see what she has to say!

Of course, his good looks don't hurt either, but his dance prowess alone make him deserving of all the recent praise.

Appeared as a championship ballroom dance competitor in a TV commercial for Jared The Galleria of Jewelry with Edyta Sliwinska, Alec Mazo, and Shalene Archer Ermis.

'Maks' was born in the Ukraine in early 1980, and took his first dancing lessons there.

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