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In contrast, backdating firms dress up their board-level governance to meet regulatory requirements but still feature weaker committee-level corporate governance in the post-SOX era.

Every year at about this time, we’ve just finished helping many of our Corporate Focus customers with questions that come up from their auditors and the finance team is looking forward to taking a break from equity compensation reporting. More One of our speakers at a recent webinar on Compliance, Craig Newfield, General Counsel at Gomez, Inc., aptly used the phrase “from fraud to greed” to explain the transition from the Enron period scandals that brought us the Sarbanes-Oxley Act … Utz of Utz, Miller & Kuhn, LLC that does a great job of reinforcing the importance of reading an employee’s stock option agreement or the plan documents. More Are you struggling with the challenges brought on by Financial Accounting Statement 123(R)? One of the leading global accounting, tax and business advisory organizations, Grant Thornton LLP, recently reported that some of the implementation issues …

Another scenario involves the allocation of grants to employees from an authorized pool.

If the exercise price is set when the pool is authorized by the board or committee but the allocation and actual grants occur later (when the stock price has increased), backdating issues may arise.

State law and bylaw provisions as to the time of effectiveness of unanimous consents may be helpful in evaluating these issues. It is important to note that most of these practices are not inherently illegal.

The practice of granting options in advance of the disclosure of positive news does not involve option backdating, but it is often discussed in the context of backdating and is also under scrutiny. If no documents are forged, and if practices are properly approved and disclosed, appropriately accounted for, properly treated for tax purposes and in accordance with the terms of the option plan, most option granting practices should fall safely within the law.

In its most basic form, backdating can range from the blatant falsification of a document to take advantage of a lower stock price to allowing executives to select a grant date during a specified period, for example during the 30 days after the grant is approved by the board or committee.

Although these practices involve different types of conduct, both create problems because the date when the exercise price is set is not the same as the date on which the option is awarded.

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The author of the academic study who is credited with focusing regulators on this issue estimates that at least 10% of “at-the-money” grants of options to CEOs between 19—before Sarbanes-Oxley shortened the reporting period for option grants—were backdated.

More On September 10, 2007, the IRS issued Notice 2007-78, which permits taxpayers to bring nonqualified deferred compensation plans into documentary compliance with Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code and the final regulations issued there under.

Option backdating practices have resulted in broad regulatory scrutiny, formal inquiries by federal authorities, and internal investigations by companies.

We also find that the market reaction is more negative for companies with higher stock price volatility, less effective corporate governance, and lower quality of financial statements.

Results suggest that option backdating practices demonstrate weak corporate governance and financial reporting, and regulatory investigations of such practices are value-relevant as reflected in stock prices.

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