Computer shut off while updating iphone

By default, an i Phone is configured to go to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.However, even though the phone conserves its battery life when it's sleeping, there may be circumstances when you want to completely turn off the i Phone.

The update had worked brilliantly, but her alarm had been deactivated, causing her to be very late for work.The bug has become prevalent over the past week with the release of i OS 9.1, and it appears the only way to avoid losing your alarms is to update manually from the Settings app, rather than clicking “Install Tonight” when Apple pops up another annoying reminder.And once you’re done, check to make sure your alarms are on.As far as I can tell from my own experience and from anecdotes on Twitter, the alarm-clock fuckery is a one-night only problem for most i Phone owners.Once the update is done and you’ve reset your alarms, it shouldn’t bother you again ... People signed up for the i OS 9.1 public beta had worse, though, as I learned from experience.

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