Computer shut off while updating iphone

Restored and STILL having the phone randomly shut itself down? If you still experience the random shutdown problem after doing the full restore, you’ll probably need to visit an Apple Store Genius Bar or contact Apple’s official support channels to resolve the issue.It’s entirely possible that the i Phone battery itself has gone bad or is no longer functioning properly, and if the i Phone is still under warranty Apple will replace the battery for free.Hold both buttons down for a minimum of 15 seconds, or until the device turns off.

Note that restoring the i Phone this way will also install the latest version of i OS available for your device – that’s a good thing, if you’re not on the latest version you may be missing out on bug fixes anyway.This should only be used when other attempts have failed, but sometimes it's just what you need: Important: The hard reset feature is not the same thing as restoring your phone to its factory default settings.The word "restore" is sometimes called "reset" but has nothing to do with restarting your phone.And indeed she did, but she woke up more than an hour after her alarm was scheduled to go off.The update had worked brilliantly, but her alarm had been deactivated, causing her to be very late for work.

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