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The laboratory houses two IRMS-instruments (Thermo Quest Finnigan Delta Plus XL and Delta Plus Advantage), with the following peripherals: Carlo Erba NC2500 elemental analyzer for combustion of organic samples (δ13C and δ15N), Thermo Quest TC/EA for pyrolysis or organic samples and phosphates (δ18O, δD), a Pre Con fro preconcentration of trace gases (δ13C of CH4) and a Gas Bench II for the analysis of water samples, carbonates and air (δ13C, δ18O, δD).

The details of the analyses and the prices are inspected on an individual level after the customer contacts the laboratory.

Radiocarbon dating has made a substantive contribution to our understanding of Colorado prehistory by allowing archaeologists to place excavated sites in chronological order and allowing comparison of contemporary archaeological cultures.

The NERC radiocarbon facility is administered by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and provides funded radiocarbon dating research services to the academic community served by NERC and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

The deadline for applications to the next meeting is .

The first radiocarbon studies conducted by Libby focused on a variety of organic materials whose age was known or suggested through previous research.

The first dated materials included wood from Egyptian tombs, linen wrapping from one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and heartwood from a California sequoia.

Please contact the laboratory by using the following email addresses: Sample ordering form is available here.

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