College dating survival guide


While availability varies by school, most Greek members can apply to live in this housing in their sophomore or junior year.Because membership often exceeds the number of spots available, it’s best to have a backup option prepared as well.Living on campus as a graduate student can be an attractive option, as oftentimes students either already know people in the program and can choose to room together, or can live together in a block with students enrolled in their specific program.

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The comprehensive information below can help equip students and their families with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision on where to live during college.At San Diego State University, students who live on campus their first two years have a continuation rate of 90 percent, while those who move off-campus after one year have a rate of 70 percent. Census Bureau, between 2009-2011 approximately 63 percent of students lived with their families while undertaking postsecondary education, while 25 percent lived off-campus but not with relatives.58 percent of students who never live on campus continue their studies. Overall, 12 percent of students live in residence halls or group quarters.Ultimately, the individual needs of a student will most likely be the deciding factor.The following information is designed to help students think through ramifications of each to make an informed decision.Graduate students are not monitored as closely as freshman, allowing them to feel independent while also taking advantage of amenities such as in-house catering, computer labs, tutors and proximity to campus.

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