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He cant find any jobs he like, because he just wants to be a hit man .(ISNT THAT KILLING PEOPLE? We are scard , We dont know who to tell, We are afaird to tell cps , Cps will just turn it around on us. -Mother has continuously made threats in front of the grandmother about hurting the child(ren) by putting their heads through a wall and breaking their arms.

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If it werent for the bravery of a young man visiting, that dog would be dead too.

Wmkeller ludwigshafen Germany Placer County Sheriff Loomis, California Killed my dog in error, Illegal entry to home, Minors present loomis, California In December 2010, the police entered my home unannounced and fatally shot my dog (greatdane mix).

My daughter heard the shot and then one officer say to the other, I can't believe you shot the dog..

The ER staff and Ms Sutton proceeded with an agenda to look for more dirt on our daughter to justify taking them from her.

It was clear in the ER physicians notes that is what was intended.

Placer county has not prosecuted the offending parent who caused my children to be taken by CPS.

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