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Continue reading: How 'Doctor Who' Nearly Ruined Christopher Eccleston Expectations are a problem with this year's Secret Cinema event.

After the jaw-dropping, goosebump-inducing surprises of both 2014's Back to the Future and 2015's Star Wars, this immersive take on Danny Boyle's classic zombie movie feels rather undercooked.

The characters of Robert and Katy, maintaining their cover and providing a place of safety for those in need of protection is a compelling idea.

I’m quite annoyed Eccleston’s had to leave the drama, but this might give him chance to focus on new projects – or perhaps on , which, if you haven’t seen yet, has been one of the best shows of this year and is highly recommended!That again goes back to the structure.“It’s the same thing that I bang on about working-class actors – financially, working-class actors and writers can’t get though.“It’s set up on purpose to keep us out.Because there’s a desire for an anodyne, bland culture.”Come Home starts on BBC One on March 27.Sophie Dix is one of a string of women accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment but Eccleston said she thought her account was a “one-off”.She has alleged Weinstein pushed her on to the bed and began tugging at her clothes after being invited up to his room at the Savoy hotel in central London in 1990. Actually, I had been told by an ex girlfriend about ten years ago, and I have said this, and she’s one of the people who came forward – Sophie Dix.Most actors who land the role of The Doctor in BBC's 'Doctor Who' look upon their reign with a certain fondness, and many have reprised the role briefly in later episodes of the show.

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