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If you can work on getting these made real, we'll book our tickets.

Just let us know when the ladies are ready and we'll be there with a 10-page cover story, thanks...

Nickname , Age , Sex ( Male / Female ) , Country and State.Maria is a classic robot, and this movie dates back to 1921.The remake of this film will have her dropping a few inches off of that robot waistline (and adding a few up top), but for the 1920s, this was one hot piece of clunking scrap metal. An inventor named Le Trung, who has never had a real girlfriend, built this, and it does cleaning, makes drinks and reads newspaper headlines.Homie has spent about ,000 so far and is still improving it.Would we smash even though we know his tiny inventor wang has been up in there?And then we realized that it was 1985, we were 3 years old, and John Hughes didn't put nudity in his movies. Wait, is she a robot or a real girl or a hologram or just CGI? This thing kind of makes us laugh, and the thought of having sex with it seems painful—bang bang clunk clunk.

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