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’ If it’s blue-collar jobs, like construction or factory work, then it seems intuitive that those would be industries where LGBT people would be more reluctant to come out,” he said.“It’s not really about how much money you make, but how much money you make says something about what kind of job you have, and what what kind of job you have says something about the willingness of people to be out.”The Forum poll also revealed differences along political lines, particularly that Liberal voters are closer to Conservatives than the other three parties on several fronts, Mr. Conservative and Liberal voters were tied on whether they know someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual, at 69%, compared to NDP, Green and Bloc Québécois voters, at 81%, 83% and 84%, respectively.

That is proof, University of Toronto professor Adam Isaiah Green said, of the so-called contact hypothesis, that says with less interaction comes less acceptance of the gay community.

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Arguably the most complex demographic captured in the Forum poll is lower-income Canadians: They are less likely to know someone who is gay or someone who is in a same-sex marriage, they are least likely to support same-sex marriage, but they are by far the most likely to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender themselves.

That could be a correlation with age because younger Canadians tend to earn less, and that group is less likely to know married people generally and are more likely to say they are gay. Ghaziani thinks another factor is at play: “Think of it this way, ‘In what types of industries are [lower-income Canadians] working?

University of British Columbia professor Amin Ghaziani said it is “terrific” that Canada has joined the U. in producing a more comprehensive snapshot of its gay community.“I think this survey will prove useful for demographers and anyone who is tracking public opinion on sexuality — on the relationship between knowing someone who is LGBT-identified and support for LGBT issues,” said Mr.

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