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By December 7, 2008, Autumn, Akoni, and Ando had been adopted by new owners.Two other pups, Aki and Amaya, went to their new homes later that month around December.As in the original litter there are six puppies, three of each sex.Unlike the previous two litters, the "C-Team" sire was a black-and-tan Shiba (a Japanese-born dog by the name of Kurosuzutama Go Aomori Sakaesou); however, despite the sire's color, all the puppies are red.Donations from the calendar are being sent to various Shiba Inu Rescue organizations around the United States, and that year the amount totaled over ,000.In their 2010 calendar, the couple included their other Shibas, Yuuki (the eldest, a red female) and Haru (black and tan male) as well as pictures of the now adult Shiba Six, courtesy of their owners.Their father was a red dog named GCH Morningstar's Dances With Wolves.There were a total of two female and three male Shibas.

They were sired by a red Shiba named GCH CH Kobushi Justa Draco Rosso AOM.

The collars associated with the pups of the A-Team are: Autumn (purple collar); Ayumi (yellow collar); Amaya (red collar); Aki (green collar); Akoni (black collar); and Ando (green collar).

This litter became known as "The Shiba Six" as well as "The A-Team", referring to the fact that they were Kika's first litter. The list of countries from which people watched the live webcast of the puppy cam from all around the globe grew to 74 countries in total with this first litter.

There were a total of three red female puppies (Eiko, pink collar; Eisha, purple collar; and Ember, red collar) and two cream-colored males (Enoki, green collar; and Edo, blue collar).

The sixth litter of puppies was born on November 10, 2015, born to Chiyoko (aka Yo-Yo) from the "C-Team" litter, and Hiro, an AKC/UKC Champion male Shiba imported by the family from Japan in 2013.

One of the three females is cream-colored; the rest are red.

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