Brooklyn cooking dating show


The Full Circle bar is just the place to drink away those hot sauce nightmares while you drop dollar after dollar on a fully automated nostalgia machine.The skeeball lanes at Full Circle are always open in the afternoon, and it’s a great place where you can kill a few hours with cheap beer/shot specials and engage in some friendly competition between you and your date.And really, the best thing about skeeball is that no matter what anyone says, no one is good at it.It won’t be like your normal arcade date where you try and play Mortal Kombat but because of his experience from childhood, he is simply untouchable as Raiden. Enjoy the look on his face when you end up beating him way more times than he beats you.Then stand back and watch as he tries to act like “that was nothing” as his face descends into a red, leaky mess that will leave you crying from laughter almost as hard as he is crying from Scoville units.Dates don’t always have to involve drinks, you shouldn’t have to order in bars too dark to tell a Bill from a Britney, or expensive nine-course tastings that Dave from work promised as “romantic” but that neither you nor your girl wanted in the first place.

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As a guy, you’ll love this place too because they’ll put whiskey in your coffee if you ask and the cheeseburger changes lives. Just watch him saddle right up to the friendly, black-gloved employee and try one, two sauces before telling them he wants the hottest thing they have.

If the girl hasn’t been there yet, she’ll be thrilled to walk around and browse through various vendors selling handmade jewelry and apartment knick-knacks, hoping maybe you’ll secretly buy that necklace she fawned over while she goes to the bathroom.

And hey, as a guy, you’ll love it too because you can buy a beanie with Kanye’s face sewn on it, or just gather highly valuable intel regarding her taste─priceless gold you can put straight into your back pocket and save until Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Arbor Day/Tuesday. After he has regained his composure, why not whisk him off to one of the most underrated arcade bars in Williamsburg.

Plus, if we took each other to these spots during ‘the early in the game’ era of our relationship and continue to revisit them as a couple, then they must be worth a visit.

Girls, let’s not beat around the bush here: There is really no reason you need to be the one to impress a guy.

His overconfidence will get him nothing but 10s every time.

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