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It developed as a key economic and administrative centre on the kingdom's frontier.

This strategic position destined the city to be the site of frequent attacks and battles, but also brought it economic development and high political status.

The name Bratislava, which had been used only by some Slovak patriots, became official in March 1919.

The first known permanent settlement of the area began with the Linear Pottery Culture, around 5000 BC in the Neolithic era.

Between 15, eleven Hungarian kings and queens were crowned at St. especially after the crown jewels were taken to Vienna in 1783 in an attempt to strengthen the union between Austria and Hungary.

Many central offices subsequently moved to Buda, followed by a large segment of the nobility.

Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two sovereign states. Clockwise from top left: View of Bratislava from the castle, St.

Michael's Gate in the Old Town, Eurovea shopping complex, Primate's Palace, Hviezdoslav Square, Bratislava castle and the Danube riverbank at night and has been home to many Slovak, Hungarian and German historical figures.

In 1941–19–1945, the new Slovak government cooperated in deporting most of Bratislava's approximately 15,000 Jews; At the end of World War II, most of Bratislava's ethnic Germans were helped to evacuate by the German authorities.The origin of the name is unclear: it might come from the Czech Pos or the German Poscho, which are personal names.The medieval settlement Brezalauspurc (literally: Braslav's castle) is sometimes attributed to Bratislava, but the actual location of Brezalauspurc is under scholarly debate.Bratislava is the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia.It is the seat of the Slovak president, the parliament and the Slovak Executive.That is the term from which the pre-1919 Slovak (Prešporok) and Czech (Prešpurk) names are derived.

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