Bosco and myolie dating 2016

33-year-old Elaine was dating banker cum nightclub owner, Patrick Cheong.In order to spend more time with her boyfriend, Elaine even reduced her workload and filmed less dramas.

She won the Most Improved Actress award at the TVB Anniversary Awards (2005) for her performance in The Gentle Crackdown.At the lunar new year last year, Elaine said to her friends that she would distribute a different red packet next year, hinting a possibility of a wedding soon.Just when all her friends thought that wedding bells would be ringing soon, Elaine and her boyfriend broke up in March this year.It is that time of the year again for TVB to produce its official calendar for the following year.2017 is TVB’s 50th anniversary, and like in previous years, TVB has decided to have their upcoming drama releases be the focus of their official calendar.

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