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This method gives you a lots of control on which content to be blocked from your kids’ devices, from downloading illegal torrent, watching movies, visiting gambling sites, porn, gambling, dating, racist, hate sites or visiting social media sites. To enable filtering on the entire internet in the house, you will have to set the DNS in your router.

The drawback is if you have dynamic IP address, you will have to update the IP address every time you switch off and on the router. Different manufacture uses different user interface, thus we are not able to show you.

First, you will have to sign up with Open DNS for their free account. To access your router, type into your browser and login in.

In most cases, the username and password are both “admin”.

It is NOT spent on taking the girl you like on a hot air balloon ride for your first date.

If you are looking for something fun to do with that special someone while not being out a months worth of rent, I have got just the suggestions for you.

Look up where the nearest metro parks are to your college town and take a visit!

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So, how to block porn on the i Phone, i Pod & i Pad? Set the 4 digit password, scroll down and click on ‘Website’.

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After the movie, surprise your date with a classic Italian dessert, such as Gelato.

Go stargazing This date is awesome because it is absolutely free.

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