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If using a wireless connection and you still cannot connect, you will need the name of your network and either the WPA passphrase or WEP key (these settings are stored on the router). If you cannot see your wireless network, but you can see others, then confirm your router's wireless settings.

If you cannot see ANY wireless networks, then check that your wireless network adapter is working (e.g.

Information about default settings is publicly available by web search.

Default wireless security settings are not published for obvious security reasons: sign in to the router to determine your current settings.

Then disable and re-enable the connection before retrying (also under Control Panel / Network Connections).

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If using a Windows PC, first try to Repair the connection or use Diagnose in Internet Explorer Version 7.

Administration features are limited: for example these routers cannot be configured to use a PPPOE connection, MTU and name servers cannot be changed, etc.

Firmware cannot be upgraded except over the network.

4) Restart the modem ONLY (usually after 20 seconds is sufficient).

5) Wait until the modem comes online (usually the Cable, Cable Link or Online light has to turn solid). If using a wired connection between the computer and the router, check the cable is plugged in correctly.

Firmware may be incompatible with some VPN or gaming applications. BEFCMUH4, uses settings as above OR default Linksys settings.

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