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1961-1963 lettering in white, flexible omitted from label only whip action remains, also, the only barrel variations are the carry-overs from 1958-60.1964-1967 same as 1961-1963 except black lettering.The center label was simplified significantly in 1968."Whip action" is removed from the label and a stylized "A" logo is placed above the less-fancy script "Adirondack" logo, prompting many collectors to refer to this as the "tee pee" label.The Registered Trademark is placed above the "d" in Adirondack. (302 on this label) is directly below with "DOLGEVILLE NEW YORK USA" in smaller letters at the bottom.A rare variation of the center label, made in 1968 only, has "ADIRONDACK" in all capital, block letters The center label was simplified significantly in 1968.Plenty of NFL players have scored well-known women as their off-the-field teammates, with wives and girlfriends like Gisele Bündchen and Kristin Cavallari supporting their other halves from the stands.

Unlike, say, the NFL where injury is a fact of life and your brain can turn to jello after concussions become a regular part of life.She’s hot though, and they’ve had a kid, so yeah, maybe not gay after all. He’s managed to be a little larger than life when it comes to his social life, snagging Kelli here. Ashley Eckstein David Eckstein has had a mighty charmed life.You can’t help but be impressed with a guy who stands 5’6 and weighs 170 who manages an eight season (and counting) MLB career, a World Series MVP, and a woman like Ashley Eckstein.We did our best to rank them, but when they are all this hot you could easily rearrange and mix and match and still have a pretty defensible list. He’s got his huge bank account and ridiculously hot wife to go home to at night. Alicia Rickter Mike Piazza had some questions following him around questioning his sexuality for a number of years (the New York Post put the rumor in print at one point), which made it somewhat comical when he married former playmate Alicia Rickter.Piazza was so concerned with the rumors that he actually made a public statement asserting his hetero-ness, and I like to imagine that he felt that didn’t do the trick so he went and married what he figured the most red blooded hetero man would be attracted to: a Playmate. Kelli Pedroia Dustin Pedroia has had a couple of great years, despite being one of the smaller guys in MLB.In 1971, the tee pee "A" is removed and replace with, "MADE IN U. A." above the centered "Adirondack" logo in script, with the Registered Trademark over the "d" in Adirondack "DOLGEVILLE NEW YORK USA" is removed, and the catalog No.

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