Bae doona jim sturgess dating dating an aspie

Although an actor, Jim always had a passion for music.He has been writing songs and performing them since he was 15.But who knew that his passion for music would give him an amazing ten years with the talented and gorgeous music composer and actress, Mickey O'Brien.The duo met back in 2003, in a rehearsal room in North London.

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In an interview back in 2011, with The Huffington Post, Jim revealed that he never had the chance to experience intense romance as he did in 2011, hit, actress Anne Hathaway co-starred movie, One Day.I'm not partial to any system, but at the same time I'm a Korean actor so I expect to work mainly on Korean projects," she said.There is a certain boundlessness in Korean cinema, Bae said.She also turned down the guarantee for the project produced by Lee Chang-dong, the Cannes-winning filmmaker of , Bae plays the role of an elite police officer who, following painful personal troubles, is transferred to a small seaside village.There she takes great personal risks to protect a 14-year-old girl from her abusive stepfather.The decision of getting married and living by the vows that get exchanged in the meantime is what makes people think twice before jumping to the conclusion.

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