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This site is all about stealing a man's money. Women your profile will be denied unless you look like JAIL BAIT UNDERAGE JAIL BAit THAT CAN entice a man from his money.

I am very honest about writing what I do for a living and I have had no issues joining tantra sites using my REAL VERIFIED UP CLOSE HEAD SHOTS but this site refused all my photos and claimed they are not me. I looked a hell of a lot prettier and younger than the 36 year old unattractive men I found seeking "dates" in this site?

Otherwise, I like the search feature to filter out whom I am looking for.

The only thing I don't like about the site is that males (or sugar daddies) have to pay to read messages. At least, give the regular members a discount for being on the site for more than 3 months.

The male who runs this site I guarrantee you is a misogynistic pig nothing more seeking to scam people.

My review of using WIYP in France (Paris) : After using this site for one year, I met an average of 18 women.

Some girls where really cool, other not like they mention on their profile. But for the rest, it was impossible to get a second date.

The latter method won't get you a "relationship", by the way!I only did this for one girl & she got pregnant the weekend I sent her money for the phone bill.I gave it one star only because they don't have negative stars as an option.My ideal date night was written up as just mutual conversation about topics we might enjoy over a good dinner in an intimate setting or cafe. The idiots who own this company DENIED every photo except for one that was the most awkward of me my HEAD FACE CLOSE UP then banned my private photos where I am wearing a simply nightie and not even naked.I guess they want slick whores here to entice men or super young, super attractive sugar babies who can make men sign up.This site uses the scam of a "relationship" to separate you from your money!

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