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Compatibility: Sagittarius Women Sachs found that Sagittarius women marry Sagittarius men most often.As for who Sagittarius women are most likely and least likely to divorce, there was no statistically significant result for any sign, nor was there a definitive answer as to who they are least likely to marry.This is unsurprising, given that both signs are outgoing, open-minded, philosophical, and often somewhat eccentric or rebellious.This is an intellectually stimulating match, and an emotionally detached Aquarius is less likely to be bothered by Sagittarian bluntness or insensitivity than those of many other signs, while the Sagittarius will be better able to understand the Aquarian need to spend time with many different people as opposed to being an isolated twosome.Sometimes we get too focused on people's negative traits, so it's good to take a step back and remind ourselves of the positives from time to time.

Both tend to favour brutal honesty (they can dish it out but in most cases they can also take it) and energetic physical pursuits.

In a worst-case scenario, the Sagittarian will find the Pisces too needy, while the Pisces may view the Sagittarian as cruel and selfish.

However, having a water sign rising can make a Sagittarian more sensitive, and having an air sign rising can make the Piscean less reactive to perceived emotional slights.

The above-average divorce statistic with Gemini may actually result from the traits the two signs have in common rather than the ways in which they differ.

Gemini and Sagittarius are both easily bored and this may contribute more to the higher-than-average divorce statistic than any tendency toward fighting and discord.

Given that Sagittarius and Gemini both engage in a constant search for new experiences, this combination may lack sticking power in some cases.

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