Asperger dating service


You never know if the picture of you will end up all over the internet. Don’t assume that just because someone knows a friend of yours that they will respect your privacy.Do not share information with any strangers, even your friend’s friend.Partners of people with Asperger’s Syndrome can also seek advice on typical challenges in relationships.

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Life with Aspergers This blog is based on personal experiences, non-medical and non-technical writing by a Mom with Asperger’s about her experiences raising her two sons on the spectrum.

Make sure your screen name or domain name doesn’t give personal information about you.

Sally [email protected] people information about your name, age and where you may live.

Make sure everything you post online is appropriate.

Never post anything mean about other individuals, your workplace or other places you frequent in the community.

Be careful about what pictures you post on social networking sites like Facebook.

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