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A distinguished theologian, born in Macau but who had lived most of his life in Portuguese India, Frei Paulo da Trindade (1570-1651) refused to let such insults alone.

He spent six years examining Franciscan archives in Goa and corresponding with informants elsewhere in the Estado da Índia in order to write a chronicle of the Friars Minor in Asia that would silence all critics.

Build: 5’0”, petite and slender Face: sweet, heart-shaped with freckles across nose and cheeks, dimples, giddy smile Style of dress: worn day dresses in satellite, no shoes (while on satellite) Mannerisms: Always fidgeting with hair, toys and sucks on it, wraps it around wrists (when long). E., Capricorn Age: 17 Race: Lunar (black) Eye color: golden-brown with flecks of gray around the pupils Hair color/style: black, tight corkscrew curls, just below shoulder-length, very thick Build: 5’9”, slender but with enviable curves, extremely graceful limbs, long neck Face: high cheekbones, full red lips, delicate nose, ridiculously long eyelashes—the kind of face that is difficult to look away from; three scars on her right cheek, like teardrops from the corner of her eye to her chin; known as the most beautiful girl on Luna Style of dress: sophisticated and conservative, both flowy skirts and pants but always feminine, likes to wear pastels and light colors, silvers, gauzy fabrics, etc.

Mannerisms: gentle and graceful, but crazy, whimsical voice and flighty gestures, almost skips when she walks, has a tendency to wander off, comfortable around people (except Lunar aristocracy) but has a habit of getting into their personal space and making uncomfortable. JACIN CLAY: royal guard; personal guard and pilot for Sybil.

Plated with 100% titanium, fingers include: flashlight, stiletto knife, projectile gun, screwdriver, universal connector cable. Mannerisms: She has a nervous tick of fiddling with the hems of her gloves to make sure her metal hand is always covered. E.; Aries Age: 18 Race: Earthen/Asian Eye color: copper-brown Hair color/style: shaggy, straight black hair worn past ears, slicked back for formal occasions Build: 5’11”, slender/borderline lanky Style of dress: Suits and dress-shirts, although would rather be in jeans and Ts. For formal occasions, traditional mandarin-style silk shirts with fine embroidery and embellishments. Physical characteristics: Handsome with angled, sharp facial features and “admirable” lips, smells faintly of soap Mannerisms: Scratches at neck and ear when tongue-tied; ears turn red first when he blushes; quick to smile (looks for the humor in everything); yanks hand through hair when overwhelmed. SCARLET BENOIT Birth date/place: Rieux, France, European Federation, 17 August 108 T.

She also has a bad habit of pushing her hair out of her face when her hands are filthy, leaving grease stains on her forehead. E., Leo Age: 18 Race: Caucasian Eye color: big brown eyes Hair color/style: curly/unruly ginger-red hair to mid-back Build: 5’6”, curvy Style of dress: jeans and a red hoodie that her grandma gave her, clashes with her hair which is part of the reason why she likes it.

Can’t cry because tear ducts replaced with prosthetic eyes. Left leg to mid-thigh (calf includes hollow compartment), left ankle attached via screws and red and yellow (and multicolored) wires; left hand to wrist.

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Francis in India did not occupy themselves with making communities of Christians, but only with burying the dead and singing Requiem masses” (Trindade, 1962-1967, I: 5).

Such was the outrage he felt on reading it that he was compelled to respond; the honor of the Franciscan order was at stake.

“It is only natural for children to feel the harm done to their parents,” he wrote at the start of his Reader’s Prologue, “and so fitting the desire to avenge them and go forth to defend their honor that, if only the children take care not to be immoderate in their efforts, they are more worthy of praise than censure.” Feeling the insult to his spiritual family as acutely as he would have felt an injury to his flesh and blood, Trindade countered with a massive outpouring of scholarship.

E., Cancer Age: 16 Race: Lunar (pale skin, Caucasian) Eye color: bright blue Hair color/style: honey blonde, insanely long at start of novel: “longest, waviest, most unruly mess of tangled blonde hair imaginable. E., Gemini Age: 20 Race: Earthen (Caucasian) Eye color: blue Hair color/style: short brown hair, usually with product (always wants to look his best), clean-shaven (after free from prison at least) Build: 6’0”, broad-shouldered and strong, but not as muscular as Wolf Style of dress: well-dressed, button-up dress-shirts with rolled sleeves or slim-fitting sweaters, vests, loves his leather jacket, prefers the “dressy” military uniforms to the utilitarian ones. Still labeled a “cadet” in military (though deserter), but insists on being called Captain.

The golden nest around her head was tied in a big knot over one shoulder, and cascaded in a jumble of braids and snarls, wrapping around one of the girl’s arms before descending out of the screen’s view.” Later cut above shoulders with a knife, so very ragged/blunt throughout Book Three. Mannerisms: checking that his hair is okay, admiring every woman he sees, whistling, making light of the situation. PRINCESS WINTER HAYLE-BLACKBURN Birth date/place: Luna, 3 January 109 T.

work gloves, but also thinner cotton gloves when not working.

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