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Any social media platform will be a place where cyber bullying will take place.Snapchat pictures can be captured as explained above and then edited easily with disparaging, embarrassing, or even graphic pictures.My kids, on the other hand, are blissfully unaware of the risks.They would run through the parking lot if I would let them.There are so many cars coming in and out from all directions.

They circumvent the notification by taking a photo of the picture with another cell phone.

If you would like to learn how Snapchat works follow this tutorial for beginners.

It is the latest technological breakthrough in communication following the telegraph and the telephone.

Finally, there are the online predators who try to connect with unsuspecting teenagers to exploit or even gain sensitive information that can be used to extort.

One young Snapchat user told me she receives requests to connect from strangers all of the time. They should never connect to anyone who isn’t a physically known friend.

It happens often and teens consistently feel singled out and excluded.

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