Are max irons and saoirse ronan dating

Max Irons is definitely someone I can watch in a movie, he is cute and doesn’t do a bad job being Jared Howe.I would really have enjoyed getting more into the nitty and the gritty of these characters and their stories – it is mostly rushed through and only snippets are shown.

It is not as unforgivably bad as the internet make it out to be, and I had a rather enjoyable time watching it.

The violence on females was just a bit too pronounced and justified for me to fully enjoy.

Saoirse Ronan really is the best thing about this movie.

Strange, because I don’t remember loving it so much.

I am having a really good time rereading it again though, it is truly Nora Roberts and some good and light reading.

Jackie Brown (1997) – I watched this for Tom and Mark’s Decades Blogathon.

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