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There are lots of places where you can get support, and help to understand what’s going on. You might just want to find out a bit more about depression or low self-esteem before talking to someone, or perhaps you want to help a friend.

Here are some places that have information you can read online, and people you can talk to if you want to speak to someone in person.

You can order a home test kit, but if you have an infection you will need to see someone in person to get treatment.

This is likely to be a doctor or nurse at a clinic.

There are lots of places you can get more information about alcohol and drugs.

Whatever you choose, it’s good to be informed so that you can keep yourself safe.

Some young people might try to harm themselves because they feel down, and might find it harder to say ‘no’ to sex because they don’t feel good about themselves.

You have the same rights to confidentiality as someone who is over 18.

The only time SH:24 might want to tell someone else is if we believe you're at risk of harm, so we can put you in touch with a service that can help you.

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