Anonymous internet dating


After having this dream I can’t stop thinking about him.

I noticed it has been affecting the way I feel about my boyfriend, but I have not made any of this known to him.

She did however in a fit of anger text me old sex videos she had of her and some exes to get back at me.

I have videos of me and her and they’re great but I just want something new. My main problem now is the length of time he took to inform me?

I’ve tried putting myself into a mindset of being indifferent so that I don’t come off as creepy while it becomes easier for me to tease and be playful.

I’m also fairly handsome (I can pull off a clean look and a rugged/scruffy look), not to brag or anything it’s just that I get that a lot, but I don’t get many advances (not that I’m really expecting so much as hoping).

I’ve tried plenty of ways to maybe ease myself into a relationship.

I’ve tried self reflection to appease the requirement of loving myself in order to be capable of loving others.

I don’t really know what to do now since it has been all I can think about.

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