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She also served as a sideline reporter for the University of North Carolina-Wilmington's basketball team throughout college.

If you read the book the one thing so come on I mean how many times do you find yourself now here's what you do that's the reprimand reprimand. In any time you find yourself do and what you said you don't wanna do you pull it out as far as you can and you go. Had not didn't have a quota and it wasn't like you can get yourself three times multitasking a flurry of popping up like here's this. But you didn't have any instinct urged that any returns to me and would but the goal in the key is okay. But it does Wear eighties it does work at it really does I'm Kelly if you say with your game ready to say that this little story and get ready go into she's not coming at me. Until the teller its government she don't listen to you anyway on the radio she doesn't the no on the don't listen to view and not plan. So so we went around the room and everybody picked this thing and and you were talking about I got to do something to reach her house before you know that in return. The things she picked out she didn't have to start the rubber band reprimand to she can't. Right easy to say any bad and think Tannen telling us how my mother's assault and I heard the never ending on the show and he says the badlands. Home Greg and grow in fact the funniest part of this. He does Stella and whether that night but hasn't he gone to that we had to get to the hospital after that. But but we did get a couple of law hub offers accepted I mean the one and it was like. We found that one Jim of the deal that we can under contract at a deep deep discount and then we add a little bit of money to impassable. Or at a loss should say yes a lot of they're gonna fix it up they're there and the person didn't do the work themselves. He got to talk about how place element late in that do the demonstration. Broadcasting around the world on the rank radio network from the flagship station WBZ and beautiful uptown Charlotte. Also the jobs at good job making the man the legend. And it's not and it's you that's on and you got the Texas. Here are your host the rock stars every state Kansas and Larry. Number but it's even now he checked you know a couple of rights yeah. What you gonna have to do is you gonna have to do Craig's list the zillow Rupert art com. Bird dogs property located urged you have to do direct mail pay per click advertising and just a lot of different sources property we choose to go one right. Repaired value group who is 70000 and a house right yes so I mean day it does any damage or is still gonna put the buyer and in good position. Anything get a copy of the digital investors get that way as well both Larry's books. Yeah we are we got we got three housing counselor to it's one. Almost the lead in the area Troy who works in our office. So in other words he's he's column realtors all day long making offers or in the last files. And you'd like a half hour mark and I got to mark time left. When Russia jacket but see I have opened my computer so like whenever I move screens. Implement business stuffed them and it's also fun something like that in the end. And then put the man known as happy and make sure thing you know how many times have you snapped journal wrist. In other words if you wanna by distancing the Charlotte MS they metropolitan statistical area you can go deep enough but if you're gonna go deep ridiculously warm central area. Is not normal world or how to get the traffic there at three felony. You won't would be about fifteen to twenty miles from wall more. And it still does but then again position I mean it is that as a bad deal for us they are feet. More than 10 but the stories that well and so we're talking about from about the deals we we guys this past week. So so is that it's it's shortened work moment he story that he's into thrown.

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