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Even so, there’s more than enough wit, snappy plotting, and great jokes about Nicolas Sarkozy’s pulling power to make this an easy bet for the summer’s best date movie.

TJ Miller wins supporting honours as the boorish frenemy you most want on your side when things are backfiring.

Baruchel, a fidgety and nervous presence, strikes up the crucial chemistry that's required to make Kirk's relationship with Eve's Molly work.

Things got acrobatic down at Rebel Nightclub the same day for Sinai’s Dream with Scientists gala, which entertained VIP guests like Jessica Mulroney with cirque and opera performances.

“From the writers of Sex Drive and Hot Tub Time Machine” might not sound like ideal pedigree for a charming boy-meets-girl romcom, but She’s Out of My League is a pleasant surprise all round.

This is the rare one with unisex appeal – it’s sweet and it’s raunchy, and it has an underdog male lead of huge oddball charisma in Jay Baruchel.

Fortunately, it's not long before the film finds its groove as a Judd Apatowian comedy about a less-than-alpha-male, his best mates and his knockout girlfriend.

's Jody Hill is the worst offender) thanks to a collection of heartfelt and honest performances from the cast of appealing stars.

“[Montreal] is the best city in the world, in my opinion, and there’s no better place for me to spend my time.

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