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Since then, the gray seal colony has grown to the second largest gray seal pupping location in North America.

Now scientists and wildlife enthusiasts can VIEW this remarkable event using the convenience of a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

The cam also provides a great opportunity for weather watchers, as the remote location experiences extreme storms and magnificent ocean views.

Seal Cam helps scientists with studies of seal populations while building appreciation for seals Observing the gray seal populations can be costly and logistically challenging, says NOAA scientist and gray seal expert Dr. “This camera will help us to do the impossible – observe the gray seal pupping process in nature, without interruption, around the clock, over a 30-day period of time, without so much as getting chilly,” said Wood.

See a special highlight footage of a gray seal birth at Seal Island!

Archaeological records demonstrate that gray seals were once distributed along the northeast U. coast, although they were scarce for most of the 20th century due to hunting and bounty systems – some of which lasted into the 1960s.

A pup can gain more than four pounds per day until abruptly weaned.

Males are also present on the pupping sites and wait for receptive females to breed with on their way to the water.

Even during this time, the huge males are sometimes in the colony, mating with the females.

The camera was turned on in December at the start of the gray seal pupping season and has already captured the live birth of a baby seal, social behaviors between adults, and interactions with bald eagles on the island. The footage can be seen on's web site at

Seal cam, powered by solar panels, will be streaming live footage daily between 10 a.m. The seal cam site was officially launched January 8 with a live chat with Stephanie Wood, a Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) seal researcher.

The winter of 2014-2015 is already notable for a major ‘invasion’ of magnificent Snowy Owls.

Cam viewers are encouraged to help watch for the great northern white owls and to report their sightings of all birds and wildlife in the comments section on the camera page.

Both inspirational and educational, creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others.

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