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Coming from the west, take I-70 east to I-71 north, to the Broad Street exit.

From US Route 33, Riverside Drive, turn west onto Fishinger Blvd. Follow the road into the park until you arrive at a large parking area on the hill.

Drive past the park entrance to the Metro Parks parking lot. The city is building a new Metro Park nature center right in the middle of Whittier Street, so you must park at the old boat launch.

Halcyon Field, the old open space where a lot of the cruising went ...

It looks like the fishing access point would be perfect for it.

I guess the street used to be called Scioto, but now it i... From I-71 exit Greenlawn Avenue (east), then take a left on Front Street.

Channel 10 News is working with police to 'Expose the Exposers', as their ...Construction work has begun for converting the weeds into a Metro Park.You can't park on the roadside or they ticket and tow.Good crowd, dirty, run-down locker room, showers and sauna.Had a few blowies in shower stalls during past year, but not like it used to ...The City of Columbus is going to begin to overhaul the peninsula into a park starting next year. Before you can join, you have to have a 0 stress test, and full orientation.

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