Access updating using linked tables error


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And must the field be a timestamp data type or a datetime value?

Code is as follows: Client Data Path = Input Box("No path has been set to store client files." & vb Cr Lf & "Enter a root path to store client files below." & vb Cr Lf & "Files will subsequently be stored in a sub folder named after the location ID.") (Create Folder and Folder Exists are custom functions not included above) (I'm open to other methods of updating this outside of the Do Cmd. just not thinking of them at the moment/don't know them, so your suggestions are welcome and appreciated). Update End With Have you tried running it as a Query (as opposed to in VBA code)? If not, then save it as a Query and run the query instead?

My database is stored on a SQL server Then you MUST 1. have a timestamp field in the table Why you are using SQL to update when you have the recordset on the go already is a mystery. Open Recordset(SQL, db Open Dynaset) Add in the required db See Changes and use it! Open Recordset(SQL, db Open Dynaset, db See Changes) With DBRS . If you do still have a problem, then the problem is not your code - maybe it's security or read-only or something else. Ready to showcase your work, publish content or promote your business online?

(And if so, how do I achieve this as I've been at this now for hours and hours and cannot figure it out). You note that you can update values when you click on the linked table and view the rows. And if you cannot, then open up the table using SQL Management Studio and try adding rows that way?

If you don’t have correct (or any) settings in SQL server that sets up or increments the primary key, then you can’t add rows (automatic in this context).

Link to it in Access IF Access asks you to define a unique field (which it may do if there is no PK) DO NOT do so.

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