50 cent dating hilton paris potassium 40 dating accuracy

i was shocked, it'd have been better now if they were datin'.

put d unclothedness for a good cause at least.50, 50 , 50 bleeping ALL AROUND, IT NOT A REAL DEAL 50 GOING OUT WITH THAT GANGSTART NIGAA GOING TO PRISON LIKE A SHOPPING MALL, LIKE THE GAME SAID ANYTHING IS POSIBLE IF 50 Bleep VIVICA, SO THAT IS A GANGSTAR DEAL,nothing annoys me more than human stupidity , who posted this sh^t?

The two attended the annual De Grisogono party, hosted by the Swiss-based jewelry house, at Hotel Du Cap on May 22, 2006 in Cap d'Antibes, France and were seen entering his suite together. Hilton did not have a room there and that the pair ordered room service two days in a row.” I don’t see what’s so bad about this, right?

Author and journalist Neil Strauss just released a book containing out takes and anecdotes from various celebrity interviews. In other words, not only is Paris a racist skank, she’s a gold digging attention whore who will put aside her racist a** values for the right price and situation.

Atlanta Gossip has been key is starting rumors for a couple years now, so I will blame them if this is wrong.

“It is reported that Paris Hilton has dumped her boyfriend an is romantically involved with rapper 50 Cents.

The rapper made his move on the hotel heiress at the launch party for his new album Curtis at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Saturday night.

A source said: "50 played a few songs and then made straight for Paris.

She and her Laguna Beach boyfriend Stephen Colletti have broken up, says Dlisted.

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