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a mechanical timepiece to be stylish – but there are needs and there are wants.Besides, why deny yourself this traditional coming-of-age signifier, and one of the precious few items of male jewellery?At this midlife crunch point, many guys either give up altogether, or stubbornly continue to dress like the teenagers they wish they still were.But it’s possible to grow up stylishly without also growing old.

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Suddenly the description of a blazer as an ‘essential’ makes sense, as does the concept of buying a suit that might never see the inside of your office cubical. Throw it over a T-shirt or Oxford shirt and then stick a fork in smart-casual: it’s done.“There aren’t any hard and fast rules for turning 30,” says Freddie Kemp, a stylist at men’s personal shopping service Thread. Because the fashion industry fetishises youth, trends are less risky when you’re 25.It’s also easier to brush off any embarrassment, partly because it’s expected by that age of 35 you should have figured out what works for you.”So dabble less in single-season trends and stick to the staples with a proven track record.Then by the time that smart-casual starts to occupy your waking thoughts, you’ll already have it nailed.In your twenties, there’s a clear divide between the rest of your clothes and tailoring, whether that’s the one suit you wheel out for special occasions or the two or three that you cycle through for work.

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