1988 carbon dating of shroud of turin

"This is something very special, a historical object whether it originated 2000 or 700 years ago. It's a very historical thing." He has his own view about why some people are unwilling to accept the science. But the debate has not been stopped and maybe it never will. There'll always be some who believe it's true." Interestingly, it is not the Catholic church that insists the shroud is genuine but people outside it, he says.So I have no bad feelings about people going to see it. "Maybe some people want to have proof for the existence of God.No scientific explanation exists for the "image" imprinted in the material, at least no one was able to duplicate it despite the multiple theories that try (unsuccessfully I might add) to explain it.

The type of fabric and the weave is consistent with 1st Century techniques.

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To those who choose to believe, no proof is needed. Noreen Lundeen, Manchester New Jersey USANext is the Santa costume found hanging in a house in Norway - the real clothing worn by Father Christmas?

Once that has been completed the carbon dating will be repeated, he says. Prof Gordon Cook, at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, rejects the idea that the sample may have been irrevocably damaged by human hands.

"Pre-treatment methods should get rid of the contamination," says Dr Cook, a professor of environmental geochemistry and a carbon dating expert.

The herringbone woven cloth measuring 1.21m by 4.42m (4ftx14ft), is stained with human blood and appears to show the imprint of a crucified man.

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