16 and 20 dating carbom dating

The mother acted indifferent, and I said to her..both like each other..are both teenagers...will see each other in school on a daily basis.

I respected their advice to their son, but as I pointed out to his mom..daughter can not DATE until she's 16 ( going out on an actual date.just stealing smooches in between classes at school).

Well, she did fine, but the young man in question kept calling my home professing his undying love for my daughter.

I then called his parents to ask that he refrain from calling my daughter because it was upsetting her.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. As I tell other young people if sex does come up practice safe sex.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It's a crush.......is a kid.........don't let her grow up too fast now...

I see no harm in the two of them being friends or even calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend.....because typically the romance ends as quickly as the next boy of interest shows up.

Would I personally be upset if a 20 yr old was interested in my 16 yr old..would depend on his behaviour and hers. If you really want to be accused of something you didn't do, just keep hanging around.At 16 you wasnt mature enough mentally and now a kid in the equation WHEN you have a 16 yr daughter then you can say what you'd do,until then you can only think you would say its ok. Four years is not a huge difference but in this instance its pretty young no matter the legal age limits/or living out of parents home.Whole different story when the time comes16 means she isn't even out of higth school yet... I've accidently had sex with a minor before..I met her in the bar went back to her house and found out in the morning so I point the finger at other people, not myself. It dosn't matter what everyone else is doing, do the right thing. but make sure she actually loves u when she says loves u and not cos her hormones r kicking (which happens at this age). The fact that you are looking at this from a 3rd person perspective tells me right there that you should not pursue this relationships for many reasons. entering this with your mindset could turn very along. You don't say if you're "in love" with her, if you are, it may make a difference. I see you are in Canada, so for those Americans who are about to scream about statutory rape you should know that 16 is the legal age here. Its a age difference but at the same time my younger cousin she is 16 living with her 24 year old BF. if u are comfi as in she makes u feel good and u maker her feel good then why not? so take it slow and normal :)The age difference is not all that bad - even at your/her youngish age but ... My first (real) gf was 15 (totally under legal age) and we ....... If you really liked her a lot you would be going out with her already. your more interested in talking about her crush on you which shows there is a maturity difference, 3...The law says 16 is the legal age to consent to sex...which is weird cause I think it takes more maturity than getting hammered, but I digress... The crush part of things seems to be what's massaging your ego and that's an awesome feeling.

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